McGowan Falls, Ontario

I sometimes enjoy what happens when waterfalls meet human ingenuity. It can be cool to see how the water has been harnessed to do powerful things. In the case of McGowan Falls, though, human ingenuity tends to detract from the already small falls. While the river is relatively wide, there is only a small portion that currently has a significant drop, and that is around 4-5′ in height. I would be curious to know what the falls look like without the dam directly above. The one benefit is that is very easy to visit.


  1. Take Grey County Road 4 into Durham.
  2. If you are heading west, as I was, there will be a street, George Street E, off of Co. Rd. 4. Turn right onto George Street E.
  3. There will be a parking area on your right (again heading west). The falls might not even be obvious, but the dam will be.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 7′
Hike: no hike necessary

McGowan Falls in October 2010

Where in the World is McGowan Falls?


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