Hanawi Falls, Hawaii

Hanawi Falls in March 2012

For my perception of the Highway to Hana, check out my post about Lower Waikamoi Falls.

The waterfalls along the Highway to Hana seem to be blurring together, which is what happens when I write about the falls more than two months after visiting them, and it can only get worse. I was trying to remember anything interesting about Hanawi Falls, and nothing was coming to mind. I kept thinking it was also named something else, but that was for a different falls.

After refreshing my mind with the very useful book Maui Revealed, it clicked! This waterfall has two pieces. The photo I chose only shows one piece, though. That’s because the other portion of the falls, the piece to the left, wasn’t extremely interesting at the point I visited. There really wasn’t a significant amount of water flowing, so it was mainly the right portion of the falls that was interesting.

The other thing I do seem to remember is that I feel like I almost missed this falls. There are so many twists and turns, that after a while, you’re not sure whether to stop (or whether you CAN stop). While there is something to be said for having to road to yourself (which apparently happens very early or later in the day), there is also something to be said for seeing a group of cars parked along the “roadside”, and stopping only because you don’t want to miss out! In this case, I was glad I stopped.


  1. Start paying attention as the Road to Hana changes to Highway 360.  The mile markers restart.
  2. This falls is found right after mile marker 24.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 200′
Length of Hike: roadside

Where in the World is Hanawi Falls?


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