Eugenia Falls, Ontario

Eugenia Falls in October 2010

What I recall the most about Eugenia Falls was that I was just a little bit disappointed. Driving southeast from Owen Sound, this waterfall isn’t very difficult to find or visit, so that is definitely a positive. When I visited in October of 2010, there wasn’t a significant amount of water, though. Other photographs online show much more water, and as usual, springtime might be the better time to view the falls.

The gorge walls did seem particularly steep, and because of this, the view is rather distant. There is one viewpoint at the top of the falls, but it’s not very photogenic. The viewpoint further downstream is better for photographs, but you’re further away from the 90′ falls. The falls still loom impressively, but it’s difficult to feel connected to the falls. And I did not try to get to the base of the falls, and it seems that is not recommended.


  1. The road system in the area around Eugenia Falls is rather complicated.  And by that, I mean to say there are numerous different ways to arrive at the falls, even from the same starting location.
  2. The falls are found off of Grey County Road 13 between Grey County Road 4 (to the south) and Grey County Road 31 (to the north).
  3. If you’re headed south on Co. Rd. 13, the Eugenia Falls Conservation Area will be on your right.  Parking is available there.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Distance of Hike: 0.1 miles RT
Height: ~90′

Where in the World is Eugenia Falls


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