Stjórnarfoss, Iceland

If you’re driving west along the southern portion of the Ring Road, you might see this waterfall off in the distance.  In this case, you can easily get a more up-close view of the falls without much effort, and it’s worth it.

I particularly like the geological surroundings of Stjórnarfoss.  Iceland is a land of significant volcanic activity, and this waterfall clearly shows the products of it.  The full view is difficult to capture, but you might be able to get a sense of the intriguing volcanic rocks surrounding the falls.  Those volcanic outcroppings just suddenly cease, and the river becomes very flat, revealing the power erosion has.  While it is not the largest or the most popular falls, it is one that does have character.


  1. The falls are easily accessible off of the Ring Road.  If I remember correctly, the system of roads right near the falls becomes just a little bit confusing for a bit, especially for such an isolated place.
  2. I was headed east on the Ring Road, and you will notice a sign on your right indicating the road to Geirland (Road 203).  Turn right on 203.  If you pass this, I believe you will end up at a gas station near a roundabout.
  3. Head a short distance, about 0.5 miles, down Road 203.  You will cross the bridge over the river, and then directly after that is a parking area for the falls.  The falls are very easy to see.
  4. Park, and decide how you would like to approach getting a closer view.  There seems to be a camping area somewhat adjacent to the falls, and you might be able to cross through that area.  I veered to the left from the parking area, and then “hiked” near the riverbed to the base of the falls.  At the base of the falls, you may not have the best views of the complete falls, so take a number of shots at intervals as you head toward the falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 20′
Length of Hike: 0.25 miles round-trip (to get closer to the falls)

Stjórnarfoss in June 2012

Where in the World is Stjórnarfoss?


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