Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota

Minnehaha Falls in mid-October 2011

If you’re visiting Minneapolis, and you want to see a waterfall in the city, Minnehaha Falls is the waterfall for you. It’s a few miles outside of downtown Minneapolis in one of the suburbs not to far from Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. Getting to the falls is not particularly difficult either. I was expecting to face a lot of traffic, but there wasn’t a significant amount, and there was also plentiful parking when I visited.

At Minnehaha Falls Park, you’ll find a fish and chips restaurant (which I didn’t visit since I’m not a big fish person). You’ll also find a number of different viewpoints for the falls. There is one viewpoint that essentially starts near the crest of the falls and extends outward without any significant elevation change. This is where the picture shown here was taken. If you would like to get a closer view, head down the stone steps to the viewpoint in front of the base of the falls. You’ll be in front of the falls, though you won’t be extremely close to them. When I visited in mid-October of last year, the sun just so happened to be at the right angle that it was causing some problems getting great pictures. There also wasn’t a massive amount of water, though there was still more than a number of other falls in the area (some of which had almost dried out).

Note: Hidden Falls is found very close by on the other side of the Mississippi River.


  1. There are a number of different ways to get to the falls. One would be to exit MN-62 (if you’re headed west) at Hiawatha Avenue (which is also MN-55).
  2. You’ll continue on MN-55 for a short distance.
  3. Then turn right onto Minnehaha Avenue and essentially follow the signs to the park.
  4. There is a parking fee required, though it is not any significant amount. Just bring change. I ended up parking further away in order to avoid any difficulties parking.
  5. Follow the people to the falls!

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 53′
Length of Hike: 0.4 miles round-trip (from nearest parking area)

Where in the World is Minnehaha Falls?


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