Codfish Falls, Connecticut

This past weekend, I visited a number of waterfalls in Connecticut and Massachusetts. I hadn’t really planned any specific route or itinerary, and so I decided to start by driving to Connecticut. I had volunteered to take a later flight into Boston, so I didn’t have as much time as originally planned. I decided to see what waterfalls were in the vicinity, though. If travelling in New England, the book “New England Waterfalls” by Greg Parsons and Kate Watson is very useful.

Headed from Boston to Hartford, it ended up that Codfish Falls was along the way, and it seemed easy enough to visit (except for the fact that my GPS and the car charger port were not getting along well). And, well…it was easy to visit. The drive through the northern part of Connecticut can be really very beautiful. It seemed more isolated and quaint than I originally expected.

Once at the area for the falls, it was just a short hike along a very beautifully wooded path to the falls. It was relatively late in the evening, and the forest was shielding much of the sunlight. This made it difficult to get a really great picture. The endeavor was further complicated by logs in the stream, along with the angle I was standing at relative to the falls. When trying to use the flash, it just lit up everything in front of the falls, making the falls look really weird. Without the flash, I got better results, but most of them were pretty devoid of light. While the falls are not tall, nor was there any significant amount of water flowing, it was still a nice way to make the day worthwhile, waterfall-wise.


  1. From the intersection of CT-190, CT-320, and US-44 (north of Storrs), head east on US-44.
  2. After just a mile or two, look for Codfish Falls Road on your right.
  3. Turn right onto Codfish Falls Rd. It’s rather narrow, so drive slowly.
  4. Drive 0.9 miles down Codfish Falls Rd. You will pass over a bridge, and DIRECTLY after crossing the bridge, there will be a dirt area on the right with room for one or two cars. Park carefully due to the narrow nature of the road.
  5. Follow the short path to the falls. It’s less than 1/10 of a mile from the road.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy, to get to the base, it does require a teeny bit more effort)
Height: 20′ total drop
Length of Hike: 0.15 miles round-trip

Codfish Falls in August 2012

Where in the World is Codfish Falls?


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