Waimoku Falls, Hawaii

Waimoku Falls in March 2012

Waimoku Falls is definitely worth a stop, if you can get there!  As I mentioned in a previous post about one of the falls far downstream on Pipiwai Stream, it is not a simple drive to get to the southern portion of Haleakala National Park, where you can access Waimoku Falls.

Once you get there, though, and then hike the 2 miles to the falls, you’ll be rewarded with one of the taller waterfalls on Maui.  At a 400′ drop, it is pretty impressive!  The hike to the falls is really not that difficult.  It is uphill most of the way, but the scenery is spectacular, there are a number of other falls along the way, and is not particularly strenuous.  Even though there’s an elevation gain, it’s spread out over the 2 miles.  I have to admit, though, that the falls themselves are deceptive. It’s really hard to grasp their height, especially in the photograph.

Near the main falls, there are a number of other wispier falls.  Since it’s very rainy in the area, you’ll likely see those most of the year.  It wasn’t extremely rainy when I visited, but the mist from the falls kept blurring my glasses and the camera lens.  You could try getting even closer to the falls, but the mist might overwhelm you! 🙂


  1. From Hana, head south along the Highway to Hana.  Be careful, but there really isn’t any other option!
  2. Pull into the visitor’s center parking lot for Haleakala National Park.  Pay the fee, and then follow the signs to Waimoku Falls.

Accessibility: 4/10 (moderate/difficult)
Height: 400′
Length of Hike: 3.2 miles round-trip

A waterfall near Waimoku Falls

Where in the World is Waimoku Falls?


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