Upper Spokane Falls, Washington

Upper Spokane Falls is found in downtown Spokane. Spokane is a very enjoyable, moderately sized city, and viewing the falls is equally as enjoyable. I do seem to remember that in April 2011, there was construction/demolition occurring directly near the falls.

In April 2011, the falls were at full intensity. In some ways, high volume means you see nature at its fullest fury. At the same time, the falls seem to lose some of there finer structure. The Upper Falls are separated by Canada Island. The photo below is of the right portion of the falls. If you are one of those people that would rather avoid seeing man-made structures near a waterfall, the falls might not be for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy seeing how humans can tame a wild landscape, the falls might be for you! The falls are not tall, though they can be powerful. I’m not sure I would drive out of the way just to visit these falls, but if you’re in Spokane, then don’t hesitate to take a trip downtown. (Indian Canyon Falls, found at the edges of Spokane, has more character.)


  1. I would suggest following the signs as you exit for downtown Spokane. There are multiple different ways to get to the park, and I honestly don’t remember which roads were utilized.
  2. If you have a GPS, I would suggest finding the intersection of W Spokane Falls Blvd and N Post St. There is a parking area on N Post St just north of W Spokane Falls Blvd. There may be a fee to park there.
  3. Both Upper Spokane Falls and Lower Spokane Falls can be viewed by short hikes from the parking area.

Accessibility: 10/10  (easy, I think it might even be wheelchair accessible?)
Height: 23′
Length of Hike: negligible

Upper Spokane Falls in April 2011

Where in the World is Upper Spokane Falls?


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