Hidden Falls, Utah

Hidden Falls in May 2013

I planned on visiting the Salt Lake City area in late May, but due to work rescheduled to early May. I wondered whether snow at higher elevations would have any effect on finding waterfalls. Well, there is still snow, and there were flurries as I was driving to some of the higher elevations. Nothing too bad, though!

I was trying to find Donut Falls, but you’ll have to find out about that elsewhere. The road to the falls was blocked off.  I probably could have walked the extra mile to the trail head, but really had no wish to do that in the snow. Instead, I looked up some other waterfalls that were along the same road.

There are a number of waterfalls along UT-190. Hidden Falls is by far one of the easiest to find, easiest to visit, and just plain impressive. It’s a really stunning waterfall. A mine is right next to the falls, and there are also wood crates in the creek that lead to hidden coves. Hidden Falls is definitely worthwhile visiting!


  1. Head east on UT-190 (Cottonwood Canyon Road).  You will enter the National Forest.
  2. Just past mile-marker 6 (which is not 6 miles along the path, but instead 4 miles or so), there is a S-shaped curve. There are two parking areas on the right side of the road. They are somewhat easy to miss at first! The second parking area, Mill B North Fork, is where you want to park.
  3. Follow the trail uphill and across UT-190.
  4. You will be able to see the falls, but it can be a little confusing.  Head up the obvious trail for just a few feet, and then veer left along a trail toward the creek. Don’t follow the trail that follows the road. And definitely don’t try to climb the trail that goes uphill. It’s way to complicated and steep!
  5. Follow the left trail along the creek a very short distance to the falls. If you feel like you’re exerting way too much energy, then it’s not the right path!

Accessibility: 7/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 25′
Length of Hike: 0.3 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Hidden Falls?


4 thoughts on “Hidden Falls, Utah

  1. Hi there,

    I would sure appreciate your thoughts, knowledge and expertise. I will in SLC in mid January (up from FL) and will have two days to play. I would like to try to see as many of your beautiful waterfalls and scenic vistas as I can. Short (1hr each way probably) max hikes so I can see as much as I can. The big question I have is what trails are open/accessible to a rental car/SUV and I guess which trails would be open to hiking and last would I need showshoes or spikes on hiking boots (or would they slow me down too much since I have never used them). I’m an experienced hiker and hike in Western NC twice a year.

    What waterfalls or really scenic vista’s would you suggest I visit and/or whom would you suggest I contact for more information? Thank you!!!

    • This is a tricky question! When I visited in early May, some of the trails were still closed, and there were some snow flurries. Hidden Falls is a short hike, and you should probably be able to get to the parking area? I think the pass further up closes in winter, though I’ve read that can be popular for snowshoers. Of the others I visited, many were right near the city, so the parking areas were at lower elevations. Rocky Mouth Falls was the shortest. Some of the others like Battle Creek Falls and Waterfall Canyon Falls could take about an hour or so in ideal conditions. Just by driving to each one, it would be easy to gauge the conditions. If Waterfall Canyon Falls seems to be traverse, that’s by far the best for amazing views. You’ll be able to see Ogden and the Great Salt Lake from there. I found a number of other options in the area using the AllTrails App. (The only waterfall to avoid is Adams Canyon Falls…biggest disappointment of the bunch, and in winter I’m guessing not that fun.). If you need any other info, let me know and I’ll send it your way.

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