Tucquan Glen Falls, Pennsylvania

A small waterfall in Tucquan Glen (viewed from across the creek)

This is another one of those waterfalls that I’ve tried to decide whether to post or not. There are much bigger waterfalls in Pennsylvania, many of them more interesting. And yet water is still falling, and some of the drops aren’t insignificant. It all of the drops were combined together to make a larger drop, it would probably garner more attention.

Even if you don’t go to see the waterfalls, visiting Tucquan Glen is still worthwhile. I took my 14 and 11 year old cousins, along with my 5 year old nephew this past Saturday, and they really seemed to enjoy the trail. The creek was shallow enough that one cousin and my nephew actually waded through part of the trail. You will likely get wet no matter what, as there are one or two instances where you will likely cross the creek.

The trail ends at the Susquehanna River, and it is a really great halfway point for the hike. Getting there can seem be easy or moderately more difficult. If in doubt, stay within distance of the creek. The blue blazed trail markers are sometimes easy to lose, and it often looks like you will have to cross the creek, only to find some other way to avoid it. The last third of the trail is where most of the larger drops are, so exercise more caution along that portion.


  1. Tucquan Glen is easily accessed from many different directions. I approached it from York/Red Lion. We were on PA-74, heading southeast.
  2. After a while, we turned left onto Holtwood Road (PA-372). This can be easy to miss
  3. Cross the Susquehanna River, and then a mile or so later, turn left onto River Road.
  4. Carefully drive a few miles along the road until you cross Tucquan Creek. Shortly after that is a parking area on your right. There is space for 7 or 8 cars, and on this weekend, it seemed to be mostly full.
  5. Cross the road, heading north to where you can see the creek and the trail just across the creek. Cross the creek and start your journey!

Accessibility: 6/10 (moderate)
Height: ~10′
Length of Hike: 2.6 miles round-trip

One of the larger drops in Tucquan Glen (June 2013)

Where in the World is Tucquan Glen Falls?


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