Kolekole Falls, Hawaii

It’s unlikely that you’ll find anybody that is solely trying to find Kolekole Falls.  It’s not particularly tall or wide, or extremely amazing.  Unless you cross the creek, which was flowing very well, you will be viewing the falls from the other side.  So why did I end up at Kolekole Falls?

Well, obviously it was a waterfall.  But the better reason is that it is not that far from the much larger ‘Akaka Falls.  It’s only about a mile further down the main road.  I was impressed with the park.  The waterfall was nice, but it was also very cool to see the bridge far above that crosses this gulch.  And as an even further bonus, you are only a few hundred feet from the ocean.  This particular park was very quiet when we visited, with only one other pair of people.  You’ll likely have most of the beach view to yourself.  It’s really worth it if you’re in the vicinity.


  1. From Hilo, head north on HI-19.
  2. After a few miles, you will see a sign for HI-220.  This will lead to ‘Akaka Falls.  Pass HI-220.
  3. Shortly (maybe a mile or so) after passing the turn for HI-220, you will see another sign for Kolekole Beach Park.  The road to the park will be on your left if you’re coming from Hilo. (If you pass this road, you will cross the bridge over the river.)
  4. Turn left, and then proceed cautiously down the very narrow road.
  5. It’s not a very long drive, but at the halfway point, you will turn sharply right.  Slow down before attempting this!  Don’t continue straight/left, as it seems to be an older bridge.
  6. At the parking area, you should see the bridge above, the beach, and the waterfall.  It’s a spectacular combo.

Accessibility: 10/10
Height: 10′
Length of Hike: negligible

Kolekole Falls in March 2013

Where in the World is Kolekole Falls?


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