6 comments on “Swatara Falls, Pennsylvania

  1. I hiked to the waterfall today (11/16/13) with my two daughters. Thanks to your directions and discriptions of the area we had absolutely no trouble finding it. Thanks. Nice hike and the area was beautiful even in November.

  2. My daughter and I made it to the falls on Sunday, thanks to your directions. Even in ankle deep snow we could follow the path very well. It’s beautiful in the winter, btw. Looking forward to going back in the spring!

  3. Awesome! I hadn’t heard of this one before. I will definitely make a point to get there in the next few weeks. I get over that way often kayaking, so I am usually in the area. Thanks for the great directions!

  4. I went there in mid July of 2015, and these directions worked! Though, it was overgrown with plants and trees, the trails were easy to find.The hike is a little longer and make sure you bring the proper attire and bug spray is a must! The actual waterfall is a lot bigger than in many pictures, so if you’re in the area or just driving by it, it’s totally worth the hike to see it.

    • Glad to hear the directions worked! Surprised the trail was somewhat overgrown. When my uncle and I visited, it was a rather wide trail and it may have been recently groomed at the time…And I think there were a number of intersecting trails, so it could possibly end up being longer. It only took about 20 minutes to hike in one direction. And I agree, I won’t go anywhere in Pennsylvania without bug spray, more because I seem to find ticks on me every time I don’t use it there.

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