2 comments on “Goldmine Brook Falls, Massachusetts

  1. I just recently made my first visit to Goldmine Brook Falls and had been using your post here, along with a few other resources, as my guide. I wanted to point out for future reference of other visitors that the falls actually aren’t immediately visible from the road, as you’ve said. What you may have remembered is that Goldmine Brook is visible from the road, since it actually cascades beneath the street en route to the Westfield River. However, accessing the actual waterfall requires hiking uphill into the woods on a small unmarked trail for about 300 feet or more. The brook is a bit circuitous along the way, such that the falls are entirely obscured from view when standing on the roadside and looking upstream.

    I arrived expecting to the see the falls from the road and was baffled to see tame, dribbling cascades. I almost left in disappointment, but reminded myself that the view from the road simply looked too dramatically different from the photographs I had seen. That’s when I went looking for any sort of trail and finally discovered that the falls were deeper in the forest.

    • Thanks Justin! You are completely right. The guidebook I used even says it’s a short hike. Sometimes all of these waterfalls blur together. You are right, I must have noticed Goldmine Creek, or the sign for the creek along the road. I wrote about this some time after, and must have confused my excitement for finding the parking area with finding the falls quickly! I’ll go and update that. Again, thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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