Hemlock Cliffs Falls #2, Indiana

The view of this Hemlock Cliffs waterfall as you descend into the gorge.

I really ended up loving the Hemlock Cliffs. I wasn’t expecting much, so when there was much more, it was really great. It’s much better than arriving at a waterfall only to find out there’s virtually no water flowing!

There are two main visible waterfalls in the Hemlock Cliffs. I’ve already posted about the first here. (I have to wonder why I called it #1, since I actually saw it second, but I guess I posted it first…) I took the path to the right, which ends up being the “right” loop trail start point. As you descend into the canyon along “rock” stairs, you’ll start to get a glimpse of this waterfall. I showed up on the perfect day when it had been raining for a while. I was loving the rain this day!

The falls are probably 50′ or so in height, though that is a rather rough estimate. This waterfall definitely looks different at various vantage points, so you’ll want to explore as much as possible. The first photo to the right shows what it looked like I as I went into the gorge. The second picture below shows what it looked like as I was in front of it nearer to the base. It’s a really spectacular waterfall, though you need to make sure to show up at the correct time after it has rained to guarantee seeing this waterfall.


  1. From I-64, take exit 86, and head north along IN-237 (aka Main Street).
  2. After just a few miles, turn left onto Union Chapel Road and drive 2.6 miles.
  3. Continue along County Road 8, which was Union Chapel, but changes to Hatfield Road. (There’s a veer to the right as the road changes names.)
  4. Continue along Hatfield Road until you reach the National Forest Service Road to the Hemlock Cliffs. The signage along the way is great, so just keep looking for “Hemlock Cliffs”. The NFS is narrow and leads to a parking area.
  5. From the parking area, you can head in two directions, as the trail forms a loop. You’ll see both falls along the way.

Accessibility: 7/10 (easier when dry, but not as exciting)
Height: 30′
Hike: 1 mile (round trip)

Where in the World is Hemlock Cliffs Falls #2?

Hemlock Cliff waterfall #2 near the base (March 2014)


One thought on “Hemlock Cliffs Falls #2, Indiana

  1. Love your pictures! Hemlock Cliff’s falls are awesome. I have visited waterfalls in southern Indiana myself, walked behind them as well, which was a really cool feeling. Thank you for helping me revisit the memories.

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