3 comments on “High Falls, Georgia

  1. These falls are just a few minutes from my home. These are right on the Georgia “Fall Line” that runs through the middle of the state separating the hilly, rolling, clay terrain of north GA from the flat, sandy lower part of the state. Millions of years ago the Atlantic ocean came up to this fall line.

    • Thanks for the info! I knew there weren’t many waterfalls past a certain dividing line, but I was still surprised to stumble on this one. A Google search of Georgia waterfalls requires going to the 4th page of sites or so to get a mention of the falls. Almost all of the sites focus on Northern Georgia waterfalls.

      • Right. Below the fall line that runs from Columbus to Macon to Augusta there is just not enough elev. changes for there to be any waterfalls in the bottom 1/2 of the state.

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