Virgin Creek Falls, Alaska

So I had written this assuming I had missed the main drop along Virgin Creek, only to discover that I had seen the main drop, but it I had posted two separate photos of different drops along the creek! I have seen the main drop of Virgin Creek Falls!

Even if you miss the main drop of Virgin Creek Falls, which is about 15′ tall, it’s still an amazing creek that produces beautiful photographs! I love how the moss has grown over the tree branches and the rocks, clinging to any stable surface. It definitely provides a clear sense that you’re standing in a temperate rain forest!


  1. Drive along Highway 1 from Anchorage. About 35 miles south of Anchorage, you’ll come to the town of Girdwood. It could be rather easy to miss at first.
  2. If you are heading southeast, turn left onto Alyeska Highway. Drive just over 2.5 miles to Timberline Drive.
  3. Continue along Timberline Drive for 1 mile or so to the very end. The road does curve a bit with many offshoots, but continue along to the parking area (which I don’t clearly remember).
  4. From the parking area, a sign should be right near a house, indicating you’re on the right path. (Again, I don’t seem to remember the sign.) It should be 0.1-0.2 miles from that area. (I’ve seen conflicting numbers, not that there’s a huge difference!)

Accessibility: 10/10 (very easy for the short portion I hiked)
Height: 15′
Length of Hike: 0.4 miles round-trip

Virgin Creek Falls (June 2011)

A drop on Virgin Creek (June 2011)

Where in the World is Virgin Creek Falls?


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