Tuscarora Falls, Pennsylvania

Tuscarora Falls in May 2009

Instead of viewing some waterfalls as isolated, you have to think of the whole. If Tuscarora Falls were all by itself, it would be a very nice waterfall. It’s 47′ tall, it isn’t a skimpy little waterfall, but it’s also not extremely tall.

And yet it’s one of the 20+ waterfalls found in Ricketts Glen State Park. As a whole, this is one amazing set of waterfalls. If you decide to take the 7 mile round trip journey, you won’t see the same waterfall, and that’s what makes it great! Some of them are smaller but wider, while others are tall and narrow. You won’t keep thinking you’ve seen this before!

You should exercise caution as you go on this 7 mile + hike. I didn’t find it to be extremely strenuous from a energy/fitness standpoint. While you will be climbing uphill for a portion, it’s punctuated by stops along the way to view each fall. The caution really comes from the narrow paths that sometimes show up right next to a significant drop. This would be very stupid to do in flip-flops. You want good hiking shoes, water, bug spray, and common sense. With those things, you should be fine.


1) From your starting point, get to the area around Red Rock, PA.
2) Turn onto PA-487, heading north. Go to the entrance to Ricketts Glen and turn right into the entrance.
3) Follow the signs to the Falls Trail. If I remember correctly, you will keep heading toward the right to the parking lot.
4) When I visited in May 2009, the Lake Rose parking lot was closed. In order to access the Falls Trail, head toward Beach Lot #2. From Beach Lot #2, head back toward the drive that leads to a group of cabins. Keep walking down that road, and you will reach an information sign. Head straight down that trail, and it will connect into the Falls Trail. I parked in Beach Lot #2, which will also lead to the Falls Trail.

Accessibility: 5/10

Where in the World is Tuscarora Falls?: map


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