2 comments on “Turner Falls, Oklahoma

  1. Good old Turner Falls… You did a nice job keeping the bathrooms out of frame and making the waterfall look like it was in a natural setting. It is a pretty good falls but I always found the development around it to be excruciating. If you ever head back there, I can point you to two more falls that are right around the corner from Turner. Price Falls is the best, and possibly even nicer that Turner Falls. However, if you do go back and the conditions are right, you really need to see Post Oak Falls. It is by far the best in the state, given its gorgeous location in the Wichita Mountains. At about 50 feet high, it is not the tallest but its overall beauty is tough to beat:
    There is a shorter, 10 foot fall nearby too. The Wichitas are by far the most beautiful spot in Oklahoma:

    • Thanks! It helped that I showed up on a day when it was raining and so there were very few people there. I had much of the place to myself. I had read about Price Falls, but hadn’t heard about Post Oak Falls, so you’ll have to direct me to those!

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