Tahquitz Canyon Falls, California

Tahquitz Canyon Falls in December 2014

I got to California today, and had some time to do a hike. My nephew also came along and really wanted to go hiking at that exact moment. I know there are a number of different places I could have chosen, but I had wanted to visit Tahquitz Canyon Falls for a while.

It is a slightly expensive proposition at $12.50 per adult ($6 per child) as of 2014, but it is a very enjoyable hike and the trail was obviously well taken care of. There are a number of marked stops along the way indicating interesting points. At 2 miles round trip, the hike isn’t particularly difficult, though there is a small elevation gain. The main attraction is the waterfall, at about 60′ tall. There is also rock art, though it was different and less noticeable than most of the other places I’ve visited.

You’ll have to choose wisely when visiting the falls. From July to September, the park is only open on weekends. In other months, it is open every day, but only until 5 pm or earlier. You will need to arrive by 3:30 pm to guarantee you can make it back to the parking area by 5. It’s December, and so in the shade on the trail, it can also get rather cool. I’m very glad I wore a hoodie/sweatshirt.


  1. Head south along CA-111 into Palm Springs.
  2. Continue forward into Palm Springs along CA-111B for a few miles (At some point, the road may be called S Palm Canyon Drive.)
  3. Turn right onto W Mesquite Avenue.  Continue along this road until you reach the parking area at the end.
  4. Pay the entry fee in the visitor’s center, and then follow the pretty obvious trail.

Accessibility: 6/10 (moderate)
Distance of Hike: 2 miles round-trip
Height: 60′

Where in the World is Tahquitz Canyon Falls?


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