Weeping Rock Falls, Utah

Weeping Rock Falls in May 2015Evee

With Weeping Rock Falls, there could be a discussion about whether to include this as a waterfall, but I’ve decided it’s more waterfall than some other waterfalls I’ve seen. The Weeping Rock is this landmark in Zion National Park that must have water emerging from it year-round, causing it to seem like it weeps. It’s an interesting stop along the shuttle path.

The falls aren’t particularly tall or wide or voluminous. There is enough water, though, that you can hear a stream below. It also leads to some beautifully lush green plants growing on the rock wall, adding even more color to the landscape. Now, if Weeping Rock Falls were all by its lonesome self, I wouldn’t even remotely stop to visit. But because it is a very easy stop along the scenic road, and because you can also get some spectacular view of the canyon from here, I would definitely recommend stopping, even if the falls themselves don’t seem wildly exciting.


  1. This is a unique one, as you really don’t have to do much except arrive in the city of Springdale, unless you are really determined to drive into the park. Springdale is the city directly outside of Zion National Park, and there is shuttle service to the park. (I didn’t realize how close Springdale is…somebody suggested I stay there, and I thought I was going to be far away. I was very wrong. You can see many features of the park from the city.)
  2. The Springdale shuttle system will take you to the pedestrian entrance to the park (from March to October). From there, you pay the entrance fee to enter the park. It’s $12 per person or $25 per vehicle. Pay the vehicle price if you plan on driving through the park, as I did when I wanted to head to Bryce Canyon NP.)
  3. Hop on the Zion shuttles (which are on the opposite side of the visitor’s center from the Springdale shuttle).  I honestly enjoyed not having to drive the narrow roads!
  4. Hop off at the stop for the Weeping Rock. If you are headed further into the park, you want to stay on the east side of the road.
  5. There is a set of trails that start from that stop.  Shortly after starting, you will want to take the left fork that leads to the Weeping Rock.

Accessibility: 9/10 (easy)
Distance of Hike: 0.2 miles one-way
Height: 20′

Where in the World is Weeping Rock Falls?


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