Wentworth Falls, Nova Scotia


Wentworth Falls in May 2016

I’ve had the chance to explore Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for a few days. I found a few waterfalls in Truro, Nova Scotia on the day I arrived, but I’m going to post about Wentworth Falls because the directions I had were a bit fuzzy.

It ends up there are a lot of waterfalls in Nova Scotia. Check out The Nova Scotia Waterfalls Blog for far more waterfalls than I was able to visit in the short time I was in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is approximately 350 miles in length, and driving across it is longer still. So that means you’re unlikely to be able to stop at the many falls unless you have a while to explore. I ended up visiting three waterfalls in two locations, and could possibly have visited more. It seems, though, that waterfalls in Nova Scotia are a bit less developed than you might expect (and in some ways that’s ok). I read of many falls that required ropes to climb down to the base, and I didn’t want to risk that being by myself. Other falls didn’t have very clear directions so this made locating them more of a struggle.

Wentworth Falls is a good example of this. It’s actually a very easy waterfall to get to once you find where to go! Directions had mentioned hostels, which were a few miles north, throwing me off. The hotel near the falls may have been renamed a few times, and was definitely closed. Luckily, I followed my instinct when I saw a truck and trailer parked across the road from the beginning of the trail, and parked in front of the trailhead (though I wasn’t sure I was at the trailhead at the time). Check my directions below to see where to park.

Once you park, the hike is wildly short and easy to manage. Even little kids should have no problem, since we’re talking about 0.1 miles one-way at most. And if there weren’t swarms of mosquitoes there when I visited, I would say it would be a fun place to frolic in the water (unless that’s frowned upon 🙂 ).


  1. Head south along NS-4 through the town of Wentworth. Along the way, you will pass Ski Wentworth on your left. Keep going a bit.  You will come to an old (and at this time abandoned) hotel/motel on your right.
  2. Some directions say to stop at the hotel, but I just kept driving for a few hundred yards/meters. I pulled off on the side of the road in front of a trail that had five or six large rocks blocking the trail in between pine trees. (These rocks are just meant to prevent you from driving up.)
  3. I walked past the rocks and up the clear trail to the falls. (If you had parked at the closed hotel, you can walk a few hundred yards/meters south of the hotel along NS-4 and you’ll find other trails that also lead to the falls.)

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: ~55′
Hike: ~0.2 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Wentworth Falls?


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