Whiskey Jack Falls, British Columbia


Whiskey Jack Falls in September 2014

Anywhere else, Whiskey Jack would probably be its own destination. But, understandably so, it ends up being second fiddle to the much larger and more impressive Takakkaw Falls. It’s best quality, though, is that even with Takakkaw Falls nearby, it’s still very easy to find.

The drive down Yoho Valley Road leads to both Takakkaw Falls and Whiskey Jack Falls is easy enough, though it is only open in the summer months. (Check Yoho National Park’s website for opening/closing dates. Takakkaw Falls is the main attraction, but Whiskey Jack Falls is almost as obvious. It’s just further away from the road and no trail leads to the falls (that I know of). It’s one of those falls I wouldn’t drive out my way to visit by itself, but it’s an added bonus to another amazing waterfall I would absolutely drive to.


  1. From the Trans-Canadian Highway 1, take Yoho Valley Road north to Takakkaw Falls. (The signs for Takakkaw Falls are very obvious.)
  2.  Look for the falls on the left (if you’re heading north).

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: ~200′
Hike: not applicable

Where in the World is Whiskey Jack Falls?


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