Grotto Falls, Ohio


Grotto Falls in August 2015

There are a number of waterfalls in the Dayton area, and in the town of Yellow Springs, you’ll find a few smaller waterfalls. They’re part of the Glen Helen Nature Preserve, which I found to be a very nice and enjoyable little park. (It’s surprisingly easy to get lost at the park, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.)

The Cascades would probably be classified as the main attraction at the preserve, as they’re very scenic, though not particularly tall. Grotto Falls is a bit of a surprise, as I wasn’t sure how many waterfalls I’d encounter. This isn’t a large waterfall, but it was still nice to stumble upon it!


  1. Head into the town of Yellow Springs. (There are a number of ways to enter, so I’ll let you figure that part out.)
  2. From the downtown area, head south on Corry Street.
  3. Turn left in the parking area, which is found at 405 Corry Street.
  4. At the parking area, pay the entrance fee. Then start heading along the main trail, which will head downhill.
  5. It may help to have this map, since the trail system can be confusing.

Accessibility: 7/10 (easy/moderate)
Length of Hike: ~ 1 mile round-trip (though you might be able to get to this waterfall a bit quicker by taking a different path that I took)
Height: 4′

Where in the World is The Cascades at Glen Helen?


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