Falls City Falls, Oregon

I’m a bit behind on posting about waterfalls. Now that work is slowing down again for a break, I have some time to post more information about a few new ones.

In early September, I visited Portland again, which happens to be one of my favorite areas to visit. There are so many waterfalls in the vicinity. I didn’t get a chance to see many new ones…wildfires showed up in the Columbia River Gorge just as I arrived. It made visiting some of the falls rather difficult as time progressed. It also happened to be very warm (upper 90’s F) so I knew some of the other waterfalls might not be flowing very well. It just so happened, though, that I ended up near Falls City, which does have a waterfall associated with it!

Falls City Falls is a quick visit unless you’re planning on doing a bit more. A number of kids were jumping into the pool below the falls, though I’m not sure that’s allowed. Oh well…not my issue to worry about. The falls are pretty easy to find, especially if you end up on the left side of the falls. GPS directed me to the “right” side, which is harder to access, though there is still access available.

I’m not sure that I’d go out of my way to find these falls again…maybe on a cooler day when there weren’t as many people there. It made photographing the falls a bit difficult. It was still nice to add one new waterfall to my list during this visit.


  1. In this case, to get to the general vicinity, I would suggest programming Falls City into your GPS or Google Maps (zip code 97344).
  2. If you enter into the city heading west on Main Street (aka Falls City Road), you want to veer left onto Bridge Street and cross over the river. (You can veer right onto Mitchell Street, though access to the falls isn’t as obvious.)
  3. After crossing the bridge, you’ll quickly turn right onto Parry Road. You’ll pass a post office on your left. The parking area for the falls will be on your right not long after.
  4. It’s a very short jaunt to the falls. Be careful, as there is a possible big drop.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 25′
Length of Hike: Roadside


Falls City Falls in September 2017

Where in the World is Falls City Falls?


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