Steinsdalsfossen, Norway


Steinsdalsfossen in May 2015

Norway has so many beautiful amazing waterfalls, and I only viewed 20 or so during my week there. Steinsdalsfossen is just one of those beautiful amazing waterfalls, and it also happens to be very easy to visit. (Many others are also easy to visit, which is why you can see so many without much difficulty.)

Steinsdalsfossen is easily accessible by a parking area off of road Fv7 (Steinsdalsvegen in that vicinity). From the parking area, it’s a short walk to get a closer view of the falls, though in this case you can get a much closer view. The trail leads you directly behind the falls. It’s a powerful waterfall, so you can expect to get a bit wet. It’s a pretty awesome experience.


  1. The waterfall is off of road Fv7. It’s east of Bergen, so you’d probably be taking E16 and then turning right onto Fv7. (Fv7 is a very narrow road in places with some blind curves.)
  2. The parking area is a bit west of the town of Norheimsund.
  3. From the parking area (there might be two, one being closer to the falls), it’s a short hike.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 160′
Length of Hike: Roadside (very short hike to go behind falls)

Where in the World is Steinsdalsfossen?


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