Rhaeadr Dyserth (Dyserth Waterfall), Wales


Rhaeadr Dyserth in June 2018

Many of the waterfalls I visited in Wales required some hiking. Rhaeadr Dyserth was one of the few waterfalls that didn’t require any hiking (beyond getting closer to the falls). So while it’s in a cute little city and does require a bit of driving out of the way to see the falls, it’s worth it for the quick viewing opportunities (though the hikes in Wales were stunning).

Getting to the falls isn’t particularly difficult, though it is very easy to miss the parking area for the falls (and the parking area is rather small), though it isn’t wildly difficult to track backwards. From there, you can see the falls, but you can also walk a little bit closer to get a much better view. I believe there was a request for payment to enter the park, though I don’t remember how much. The paved path to the falls is beautiful, though there were a lot of little bugs flying around! It’s a quick stop to photograph the falls. While you’re there, check out the walls…no one is really sure where the walls are from.


  1. Head toward Dyserth, Wales.
  2. From A5151 (High Street in the town), turn right onto B5119 (Waterfall Road).
  3. The falls will be on your right, with the parking area to the north of the falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 69′
Length of Hike: negligible

Where in the World is Rhaeadr Dyserth?


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