Clark Creek Falls #7, Mississippi

Clark Creek Falls (101)

One of the waterfalls in Clark Creek Natural Area in January 2015

I’ve posted about Clark Creek Falls #3 and #9, so it might seem odd to be posting about waterfall #7 now. Those are the only three waterfalls I saw in the park. Waterfalls 1 and 2 were on an easier trail, but I had worn myself out seeing these falls that I skipped viewing them. The map showed other waterfalls, I believe, so these are the three that I encountered along my hike.

The hike can either be easy or very strenuous. You can stick to the Waterfall Trail for an enjoyable time, or follow the primitive trail and increase your chance of getting confused, lost, wet, and muddy. The confusion came about from my interpretation of primitive. I hiked on a primitive trail recently that was very clear and yet obviously muddy and soaked in water from the rain. And then there’s this primitive, which means you’ll be trying to climb down clay hills and losing the markers that indicate where the trail is. I spent a good 20 minutes confused about where to go, and expended a lot of energy in the process. This waterfall can only be viewed on the primitive trail, so if you’re not interested in that level of primitive, this waterfall might not be for you.


  1. From US-61 near Woodville, MS, turn right onto Main Street heading to East Monroe/Pinckneyville Road.
  2. Turn left onto Monroe/Pinckneyville Road driving west to Fort Adams Rd.
  3. Turn right onto Fort Adams Pond Road. Drive to the parking area for Clark Creek Natural Area, which will be on your left. (You can type in the address 366 Fort Adam Pond Road, Woodville, MS, 39669 to get you there using GPS.)
  4. Pay the entrance fee, and then start your hike. There is a 0.4 mile connector hike to both the Clark Creek/Waterfall Trail and the primitive trail. From there, you need to decide what you can handle.

Accessibility: 1/10 (primitive trail)
Height: 15′
Distance of Hike: 2.5 miles round-trip (for Clark Creek/Waterfall Trail), 4.3 miles round-trip (for primitive trail looping into Clark Creek/Waterfall Trail)

Where in the World is Clark Creek Falls #7?


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