Ess-Na-Crub Falls, Northern Ireland

Glenariff Forest Park has a number of wonderful waterfalls, so it’s definitely a great stop if you’re looking specifically for waterfalls in Northern Ireland. Ess-Na-Larach, in my opinion, is the most scenic of the falls in the park. Ess-Na-Crub is probably the next most scenic falls.

Ess-Na-Crub is a bit shorter than Ess-Na-Larach, but it’s surprisingly wider than the other waterfalls. So you definitely get a nice variety of waterfalls in the park. And the hike is relatively short and quick, which is a benefit (unless you don’t want to leave the beauty of the park). There is a bit of consistent downhill hike along the trail, but it isn’t terrible. Just realize you have to head back uphill somehow!


Glenariff Forest Park is very easy to find, as it is just off A43 and is very clearly signed along the road.  The decision to make is whether you approach from the north or south.

  • If you’ll be heading north toward the park, A43 starts in Ballymena. (If you’re coming from A26, A26 turns briefly into M2, which you can exit at exit 11 and take a few roads to connect into A43.)
  • If you’ll be heading south toward the park, A43 starts in Waterfoot off of A2. It’s pretty clearly signed.

After you turn onto the road entering into the park, you’ll drive along a one-way road for a portion, which leads directly into the parking area.  Then you follow the signs to the trail head.

Accessibility: 6/10 (moderate, the trail is consistently downhill)
Height: 35′
Length of Hike: 0.7 miles round-trip

Ess-Na-Crub (4)

Ess-Na-Crub in May 2014

Where in the World is Ess-Na-Crub Waterfall?


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