Buttermilk Falls, Pennsylvania

I don’t 100% remember how I stumbled upon Buttermilk Falls, but at the time I recorded this, I listed it by it’s alternate name, Homewood Falls. Buttermilk Falls is used as a waterfall name so widely in the northeast that it’s terribly boring, so I wish Homewood Falls stuck more, but it is found in the Buttermilk Falls Natural Area. I don’t remember that sign, but it’s pretty prominent at the entrance (from photos I’ve seen).

I visited the falls in April 2015, so I feel like I should remember them better, but looking at the photos, I realize that this Buttermilk Falls is surprisingly beautiful. It doesn’t require a short hike, and so sometimes I don’t visit the waterfall as long as when it’s a long hike, so it becomes easy to forget. Also, there are a number of waterfalls on the west side of the state, but they are separated enough that it can be difficult to stop and see many waterfalls in a day. This is actually one that I would recommend stopping and visiting because it is a short hike and it is beautiful.


  1. Buttermilk Falls is very close to the intersection of I-76 (one of Pennsylvania Turnpikes) and PA-18. It appears there is an exit off the turnpike into Homewood.
  2. If you exited I-76, you would want to head just south of the intersection, and the entrance to the Buttermilk Falls Park (Natural Area) would be on the right (if heading south) on PA-18.
  3. From there, it’s a short hike to the falls.

Accessibility: 9/10 (easy)
Height: 28′
Length of Hike: 0.2 miles round-trip


Buttermilk (Homewood) Falls in April 2015

Where in the World is Buttermilk Falls?


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