Likeke Falls, Hawaii

Likeke Falls in March 2020

I have visited Hawaii a number of times before. I started on Maui, and then the Big Island, and then Kauai. I left Oahu for later because there didn’t seem to be as many interesting and easily accessible waterfalls on the island. So in March, I had a chance to stop on Oahu for a few days, and I tried to identify what might be the easiest waterfall to visit, and Likeke Falls was the choice.

I had read directions online that said the quicker route to get to Likeke Falls started at Ko’olau Golf Club, and should only be a 15 minute hike. After 45 minutes to an hour of searching, I wondered where I had gone wrong, but I knew I had gone wrong somewhere. We were consistently climbing uphill, and I could tell on Google Maps that we were somehow getting further away from the waterfall! We turned around once we realized this, and then took another wrong turn! If you find the correct spot to veer off the main trail, it is indeed a quick hike. So just pay attention to one detail…

At the Golf Club, we parked further away from the clubhouse, and found the trail relatively quickly. We proceeded toward the water tower, which has been painted by many people. Veer left once you reach the water tower. You’ll end up on a stone pathway. Now here’s the important part…after 5 minutes or so on this pathway, you’ll reach a split in the trail, which wasn’t obvious even though I had seen pictures. There is a tree that has carvings in it on your right, and as of March 2020, there was also blue paint with an arrow. (I’ve included the picture of the important tree at the bottom.) You want to veer to the right here. If you continue along the main trail, it turns into a much longer slog. If you veer right, it’s a short uphill climb to Likeke Falls.

The waterfall isn’t necessarily the prettiest of waterfalls, but many of the interesting waterfalls on Oahu are either closed or require longer hikes. If the hike takes you 15 minutes, it’s definitely a worthwhile waterfall to visit, as it definitely gives you a tropic, lush island vibe.

The important tree…take a right when you see this tree!


  1. From Kaneohe, head south on HI-83.
  2. Turn right onto Kahiko Street, which will be right before the intersection of HI-83 and Interstate H3.
  3. You will then turn left onto Kahiko Street after 100 feet or so. You will then go under H3.
  4. Continue for just under 1 mile on Kahiko Street, which turns into Kionaole Street.
  5. Turn right to head toward the Ko’olau Golf Club. Park in the southeast corner of the parking lot away from the club.
  6. The trail starts heading uphill, and refer to the notes above to prevent getting discombobulated!

Accessibility: 6/10 (moderate)
Height: 30′
Length of Hike: 0.8 miles round-trip


2 thoughts on “Likeke Falls, Hawaii

  1. Hi. Covid willing, we’re headed to Molokai and Kauai in Feb/Mar, with a stop in Honolulu both on the way there and the way back. I had the Likeke Falls on my possible itinerary. If we do get in that area, I have saved the link to this post for directions to save us an unnecessary long hike. Thanks much for the tip.

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