Williamsport Falls, Indiana

A waterfall in Indiana
Williamsport Falls in June 2020

I’m getting to write about the last waterfall stop on our road trip from Las Vegas to Michigan a few months after it started. Winter break has now arrived, and so I have some time to write about a few waterfalls before the next semester starts.

Williamsport Falls is definitely a popular waterfall, though it would be even busier if it were near a busy city. It’s found in western Indiana about 1.5 hours northwest of Indianapolis. It’s directly in the town/village/city of Williamsport. Once you find the parking area for the falls, you can view this impressive 90′ pretty quickly from above.

You can also hike down to the base of the falls, which we decided not to do since we had been traveling and hiking for a few days before this, and we just kind of wanted to get home. The view from above was more than adequate, and it was rather busy at the base. This was in early June, though the weather was a bit warm and humid in this area, which encouraged others to find an interesting water source…why wouldn’t you choose a tall waterfall?


  1. From I-74, take exit 15 onto US-41 north.
  2. Continue along US-41 north for 15 miles or so.
  3. US-41 does a few twists and turns. In Attica, you will veer/stay left on US-41.
  4. After 2 miles, you’ll turn left onto S River Road. S River Road will turn into S 3rd Street right before you turn onto E Monroe Street.
  5. Turn right onto E Monroe Street and continue for about 0.7 miles. The parking area will be to the right behind some buildings along E Monroe Street. There was very clear signage to find the falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (Easy)

Height: 90′

Length of Hike: roadside

Where in the World is Williamsport Falls?


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