The Sinks, Tennessee

I haven’t posted in a while, and need to start posting more. I am hoping to be able to visit more waterfalls this summer. I haven’t seen many waterfalls in the past few years, partly due to surgeries, partly due to Covid, partly due to laziness!

It’s wild to think that I visited The Sinks six years ago this month! I took a weekend trip into Knoxville, Tennessee, and headed into Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Little River Gorge Road has many waterfalls that are very easy to view from the road, some of them I didn’t even expect to find! I think when looking at the map recently, there were others I could have visited in a short amount of time. Whiteoak Flats Branch Falls and Meigs Falls are both nearby.

Even in February, the drive was beautiful. The weather may have been unseasonably warm, as I remember when I left Michigan, it was very warm for a February day. In Tennessee, I believe that was also the case. Some of the waterfalls on this road don’t have designated parking areas…you just pull onto the side of the road. With The Sinks, there is a designated parking area and there are some trails that start from there. While The Sinks isn’t a tall waterfall, it’s definitely a good stop in an area with many waterfalls.


  1. I took US-321 from Knoxville into the park. Once you’re on the Lamar Alexander Parkway, it’s pretty difficult to miss the entrance. There are signs everywhere!
  2. After entering the park, about a mile or so in, you’ll have a choice to take a right toward Cades Cove (which will lead to a number of waterfalls, including Abrams Falls) or a left toward the other park entrance and Gaitlinburg.
  3. Take a left, and drive about 5 miles along the beautiful winding, curvy road, and you will notice a parking area for the Sinks on your right.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 30′
Length of Hike: roadside

The Sinks in February 2016

Where in the World is The Sinks?


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