Sherman Falls, Ontario

An interesting geological feature, the Niagara Escarpment, runs through Ontario and a number of the great lakes states. There are different types of rock that lead to different erosion rates. This produces some prime waterfall possibilities in New York, Ontario, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Niagara Falls is the clearest product of the escarpment. The escarpment also passes through Hamilton, which leads to a significant number of waterfalls in the city and nearby.

Sherman Falls is one of those waterfalls. It is not far from Tiffany Falls, which is where we started and then hiked to Sherman Falls. I believe there is another parking area. The Hamilton Tourism website mentions that it is off of Artaban Road. Artaban Road appears to be off of Lions Club Road (to the north) and just west of Old Dundas Road. The roads are rather curvy and winding, so you may have to pay attention carefully. Both the parking at Artaban Road and Tiffany Falls come with a fee. Tiffany Falls is $11. I’m not sure what the other parking costs.

It is actually a rather enjoyable hike from Tiffany Falls along the Bruce Trail, so if you’re stopping there, I think you might as well enjoy the hike between the two falls. They say that there’s 1 hour parking at Tiffany Falls, so I would try to respect that, but I think you might be able to fit both falls in an hour. There is another waterfall along the hike, though I didn’t notice (or didn’t look because I wasn’t aware). The falls is referred to as Old Dundas Road Falls. It’s on private property, but you’re supposed to be able to see it by looking south while walking on the Bruce Trail.

There are also other waterfalls nearby that we didn’t visit due to time constraints. Canterbury and Little Canterbury Falls are further west along the Bruce Trail. Sister of Mary Falls, Mill Falls, and Lower Mill Falls are south of the trail. Before you head out, I would suggest checking to see whether the falls and parking are open and available. Covid-19 limited access to many of the waterfalls, but that seems to be less restricted now.


  1. I’m providing directions to Tiffany Falls. Then you can hike from there to Sherman Falls. There are multiple different ways to arrive at the Tiffany Falls parking area. I was headed east from London, Ontario, so we were on ON-403 E. If you’re on ON-403 E, take exit 58 which will take you to Wilson Street.
  2. Turn left on Wilson Street W and head northeast on Wilson Street W, which will turn into Wilson Street E. The address for the Tiffany Falls Conservation Area is 900 Wilson Street E.
  3. The parking area will be to your right if you are headed northeast. There is a day fee to park there, and parking may be limited on the weekends.
  4. From there, you can follow the trail to Tiffany Falls or cross the street and follow the Bruce Trail to Sherman Falls. It will head downhill for a bit, and then you turn left (head west) on the Bruce Trail.
  5. You’ll come to a spot where the Bruce Trail crosses Old Dundas Road. I remember there being a sign indicating where to go to get to Sherman Falls.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy)
Height: 56′
Length of Hike: 0.6 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Tiffany Falls?


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