Natural Bridge Falls, British Columbia

Wapta Falls and Takakkaw Falls are the more popular and impressive waterfalls in Yoho National Park. Natural Bridge Falls might not even be a stop, except that the Natural Bridge is the main feature that brings visitors to this spot. The waterfall might be considered secondary, though it created the feature!

The Natural Bridge is a rock/stone feature that has been created by the flowing water. While I don’t think the bridge is continuous, enough stone exists that it still looks like a bridge. The waterfall is larger than it might appear, being about 15′ tall. Much of the drop is hidden behind where the two large pieces of the bridge almost meet. I remember trying to get a good picture of the drop, but I don’t think there was any easy way to get to the angle necessary to capture the falls.

This stop was busier than some of the waterfalls that require a hike. It is an easy stop right off of Trans-Canadian Highway 1. If you continue on this road after exiting the highway, you’ll find Hamilton Falls.


  1. From Trans-Canadian Highway 1 near Field, there will be a turn onto Emerald Lake Road. If you’re headed west, it would be a right turn.
  2. Once on Emerald Lake Road, after about 1.5 miles, you’ll find the parking area for the Natural Bridge.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: ~15′
Length of Hike: no hike required

The Natural Bridge in September 2014
Trying to get a better view of the falls behind the Natural Bridge

Where in the World is Natural Bridge Falls?


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