Koosah Falls, Oregon

Koosah Falls is a freebie that comes along with a visit to Sahalie Falls. They’re both beautiful waterfalls. Well, actually, you don’t have to visit both falls since they can be accessed separately, but you’d be a fool not to visit both of them! So plan some time to visit both of them.

Koosah Falls in September 2015

Sahalie Falls does have its own parking area, which means it is a short hike to the falls. There is a separate parking area for the Waterfalls Loop Trailhead and Ice Cap Creek Day Use Area. If you’d prefer not to do a hike between the two falls, you can head to that parking area and see Koosah Falls with another short hike. I didn’t remember how long the hike was between the two falls, and just looked. It’s not long, but I could understand why someone might decide to drive from one falls to the other. It’s a 2.5 mile hike round-trip. I rated it as an easy/moderate hike. I usually remember the really difficult hikes (or ones that were more difficult than I expected).


  1. There are multiple ways to get to the falls, though they will all require some drive. If you’re in Albany/Corvallis, you could head east on US-20. From Bend, head west on US-20. If you’re in Eugene, head east on OR-126.
  2. The falls are found on OR-126…If you’re on US-20, you would turn and head south on OR-126. If you’re already on OR-126, it would obviously be a “straight-shot”, though it’ll be a curvy drive. There are two parking areas, one for Sahalie Falls and one for Koosah Falls, and there is a trail that connects both falls.
  3. The Sahalie Falls parking area is the further north of the 2 parking areas, and once you park there, it’s a short 100 feet to Sahalie Falls. Then veer left and follow the trail along the McKenzie River.
  4. Head further south to find the parking area for Koosah Falls. You may have to look for the Ice Cap Creek Day Use Area.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate) for the 2.5 miles round-trip hike from Sahalie Falls
Height: 80′
Hike: 0.1 mile round-trip from the Koosah Falls parking area; 2.5 miles for the hike from Sahalie Falls

Where in the World is Koosah Falls?


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