Warsaw Falls, New York

Recently, I’ve made it a point to write more frequently about the waterfalls I’ve visited and also plan to visit more waterfalls. In 2019, I found out I had a brain tumor, and then in 2020, Covid-19 screwed with everyone’s plans…I did get to see some waterfalls in 2020 when driving from Las Vegas to Michigan, but otherwise, I haven’t really seen a significant number of waterfalls. I’ve still got some things to deal with from surgeries, but I’ve got the summer to do some exploring.

So I decided to fly to New York with my husband to add some more waterfalls to the list. I lived in upstate New York briefly and have a connection to the area. There are some really great waterfalls here. So, today I add to the list one that I will likely never forget…Warsaw Falls.

Let me start by saying. I’ve rated this as a moderate/strenuous hike to view Warsaw Falls because I want people to be cautious. You WILL get your feet wet, so maybe bring some water shoes with a grip. But I will also say…the quicker you get your feet wet, the “easier” it becomes. Initially, I was trying to keep my feet dry by staying to the sides of the gorge I was in, but that’s almost riskier/more difficult. The shale rock is slippery and breaks easily. Once I got my feet wet, I actually felt more stable.

The hike up to the falls is 3/4 to 1 mile up Stony Creek. There is some elevation change on the creek, but it’s not terrible. Little children might find this difficult. When we hiked up the creek yesterday, it wasn’t raging water…If it has rained a lot recently, it is probably not the best time to hike up the creek bed. The most difficult part was honestly getting down to the creek from the path on the north side of the river that starts at Warsaw Village Park. On the way back, we found a much easier path that leads to Empire Street, but I won’t go any further with that since I’m not sure if there’s trespassing/private property involved.

When you do get to the falls, you’ll be greeted with an 80′ drop. I’m surprised it’s not called Buttermilk Falls, as many other falls that look like this in New York and Pennsylvania are called that. It’s definitely a memorable hike.


  1. Head into Warsaw either by US-20A or NY-19. Warsaw Village Park is found on Liberty Street, which intersects US-20A.
  2. There is a one-way loop road that is inside the park. You have to turn left. The trail to the falls is not clearly marked. You will pass the swimming pool and children’s park, and then parking in the “southwest” corner of the park before you get to the memorial pavilion.
  3. If you look uphill, you should see a mowed path leading into the forest. Head that ways. The creek will be to your left, though you won’t be able to see it. Walk for a short ways uphill, and then you should see a muddy ditch with a trail next to it. This is the path you want to follow to arrive at the creek.
  4. A portion of that path is very slippery as you go downhill. Be careful. You do want to end up at the creek. I believe a portion of the hike at the beginning had some clear path that you didn’t need to get your feet wet. But when the path seems to disappear, it honestly becomes easier to walk/wade in the creek. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t really like to get wet. The map embedded below shows the approximate location of the falls on the creek.

Accessibility: 4/10 (moderate/strenuous)
Height: 80′
Hike: 1.8 miles round-trip

Warsaw Falls in June 2022

Where in the World is Warsaw Falls?


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