Lower Sloan Bridge Falls/Hiker’s Peril, South Carolina

I have written about Upper Sloan Bridge Falls in the past. There are two other falls on the same trail. I had originally separated the two falls, but decided to combine the two together. Lower Sloan Bridge Falls is a nice waterfall, though you can’t get close to it. Hiker’s Peril has a cool sounding name, though it could be easily skipped.

Lower Sloan Bridge Falls in March 2017

As I said, Lower Sloan Bridge falls is on the same stream as the Upper Falls. There is a trail that passes the falls, though I couldn’t figure out a way to get through the brush and photograph the falls close up. You will need a zoom lens to capture the Lower Falls.

Hiker’s Peril is labelled on the map, but it wasn’t something that I would go out of my way for. Pictures really couldn’t capture the falls since there is so little water and there is a lot of brush blocking what you could call falls. I like to capture smaller waterfalls, but even this one would have escaped my notice if it weren’t for someone else deciding it was important enough! A video is attached of Hiker’s Peril.


  1. I arrived by heading north on SC-107. About 1 mile before SC-107 crosses over into North Carolina, you’ll find the parking area for the creek/falls on your left. There will be a sign, which I believe will mention the Sloan Bridge Campground.
  2. After parking, head to your left toward the trail. The trail you’re on is part of a larger trail that connects to other points of interest.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy) to the Lower Falls; 7/10 (easy/moderate) to Hiker’s Peril
Height: Lower Sloan Bridge Falls: 10′; Hiker’s Peril: 100′
Length of Hike: 0.9 miles round-trip to the Lower Falls; 1.2 miles round-trip to Hiker’s Peril

Where in the World is Lower Sloan Bridge Falls and Hiker’s Peril?


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