Minneopa Falls, Minnesota

What some waterfalls look like really depends on the time of year. There are some waterfalls you should only visit in the spring, and then there are other waterfalls that have a more reliable flow year-round. I’m not sure if Minneopa Falls “falls” into the spring category, but based on what I saw in October 2011, I would suggest visiting in late spring (since it’s Minnesota)!

There was very little water flowing over the falls, so little that it’s hard to tell in pictures that there is water. It would be a very impressive waterfall when water is abundant. A similar issue was to be had at Minnemishinona Falls nearby. Luckily, the state park that the falls is found is really beautiful and calm. I had a great time exploring the prairies and capturing the blue skies. There is a “Bison Drive” across the road from the falls trail.


  1. In Mankato, head west on US-169 out of the city.
  2. You will come to a turn onto MN-69/Gadwall Road. Turn on MN-69 and drive to the entrance of the state park.
  3. The falls trail will be to the south of Gadwall Road, so you will turn left and enter the park. There are different portions of the park, so these directions are for the waterfall.
  4. There are parking areas and you want to find the one furthest east, as that will be closest to the Falls Trail. The hike to the falls is very quick.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 39′
Length of Hike: 0.1 miles round-trip

Minneopa Falls in October 2011 with barely any water flowing

Where in the World is Minneopa Falls?


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