Nelligan Creek Falls, Michigan

This past week, my husband and I headed “up” to the Upper Peninsula in what is usually a yearly trek. I’ve visited many of the larger waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula, so I’ll admit I’ve started searching for some of the lesser known waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls that are reported in Michigan are smaller, so I’m not going to hike miles to see these falls. So they have to fall into the category of easy to hike to.

The upper portion of Nelligan Creek Falls in June 2022

Nelligan Creek Falls falls into the category of easy to get to. No hike is required as the waterfall is right off the road. Honestly, the falls aren’t anything spectacular. The drop is about 6′, but it’s difficult to see both pieces of the falls. I was more impressed with the drive to the falls. It’s on a dirt road, but easy to drive. Nelligan Creek is stunningly beautiful as you drive up the road. The land it passes through is flat for the first half-mile that you can see. Then it disappears into the forest and then reappears as a waterfall!


  1. On MI-28/US-41, Nelligan Lake Road is what you’ll be searching for. If you’re headed west, it’s just past the town of Michigamme. There is a sign for Craig Lake State Park at the end of the road.
  2. If headed west, you’ll turn right onto Nelligan Lake Road. You’ll then drive 0.9 miles to the falls.
  3. The falls are on the right and there will be a small pull-off. There is no hike required.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 6′
Length of Hike: roadside

Where in the World is Nelligan Creek Falls?


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