Cascade Falls, South Dakota

Cascade Falls is an interesting waterfall. It’s not tall, even when compared to the other waterfalls in the area. It’s wider than some of the other falls. To me, the thing that catches my eye is the rock that makes up the drop on the river. I think it must come from the minerals in the springs surrounding the falls. It almost looks manmade, but seems to be a product of nature.

There is a designated park (JH Keith Cascade Falls Picnic Area), so it’s not difficult to find. Once you get to the parking area, it’s a rather easy walk to the falls. I’ve read that the falls are a popular swimming place in the river. The water isn’t wildly warm, but it sounds like it’s consistently warm enough to swim in. I didn’t try to swim in early May even though it was warm enough.


  1. The falls are south of Hot Springs, where you can find Kidney Springs Falls and possibly another waterfall.
  2. Drive south along SD-71 for 10 miles from Hot Springs. JH Keith Cascade Falls Picnic Area will be on your right if you are heading south.
  3. From the parking area, walk west toward Cascade Creek.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 6′
Length of Hike: 0.2 miles round-trip

Cascade Falls in May 2016

Where in the World is Cascade Falls?


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