Skarvefossen, Norway

Off one of the main roads (or paved, traversable roads) in Norway, you can veer off on another paved road. I’m not exactly sure why the road exists, as I don’t remember there being much along this road except waterfalls. So it’s pretty cool this road will lead you to some pretty impressive waterfalls. The main one you’d probably focus on is Skjervsfossen, which is an impressive waterfall “separated” by the road. About 6 kilometers from Skjervsfossen is an easily missed waterfall that is about the same height, Skarvefossen.

Skarvefossen in May 2015

These are waterfalls that can be viewed from the car, and in many cases must be viewed from the car. When I visited in 2015, I don’t remember being able to stop and walk to either falls. It looks like now that might be possible for Skjervsfossen. For Skarvefossen, you just have to be on the lookout for the falls. If you’re driving downhill (east), Skarvefossen will be on the left. It’s almost 400′, so I’ll say it’s difficult to miss. I think I was able to stop on the road to take photos as this road wasn’t busy at all.

A few minutes after I photographed Skarvefossen, I have photos of other waterfalls that must be along the road (in the valley?). I’ve included them here, though I don’t know what their names are. One of them is a wispy falls and there many ribbons next to it. The other would probably be classified as a waterfall with a name, though sometimes with so many waterfalls, the “less impressive” ones don’t get the honor of a name.


  1. The road, Skjersvegen, is off of Route 13 southeast of Vossevangen. The main road that you’d be on, likely, is E16. Route 13 meets E16 in Vossevangen.
  2. Once you turn on Route 13 heading southeast, you’ll drive for about 10 kilometers to Skjersvegen. If you’re following these directions, the road will be on your left.
  3. Turn left onto Skjersvegen. You will head downhill, and some of the road is very curvy. You will pass Skjervsfossen. Drive about 6 kilometers further and you’ll see Skarvefossen and some of the other falls.
  4. If you’re coming from the opposite direction, you’ll arrive at Skarvefossen first and it will be on your right.

Accessibility: 10/10 (Easy)
Height: 390′
Length of Hike: roadside

Other falls east of Skarvefossen

Where in the World is Skarvefossen?

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