F.L. Ricketts Falls, Pennsylvania

F.L. Ricketts Falls was one of the first waterfalls that I saw on my hike on the Waterfall Trail in Ricketts Glen State Park, and its beauty is a great indicator of things to come. F.L. Ricketts Falls is a beautiful cascading waterfall. It’s not too tall or even that wide, even compared to other falls in the park.


  1. From your starting point, get to the area around Red Rock, PA.
  2. Turn onto PA-487, heading north. Go to the entrance to Ricketts Glen and turn right into the entrance.
  3. Follow the signs to the Falls Trail. You can access the Falls Trail using the Lake Rose parking area or Beach Lot #2 parking area, though you’ll be starting on different creeks. Start your hike on the loop by connecting into the Falls Trail.

Check out my note from Sheldon Reynolds Falls about precautions to take in Ricketts Glen.

Accessibility: 5/10 (moderate)
Height: 38′
Length of Hike: 4 miles round-trip

F.L. Ricketts Falls in May 2009

Where in the World is F.L. Ricketts Falls?


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