Tillman Ravine Falls, New Jersey

I guess the most surprising thing about Tillman Ravine Falls is simply that it’s in a place you would least expect. I guess when I think of New Jersey, I imagine chemical plants and mobsters, though the area where this waterfall is found conjures up much different feelings. Tillman Ravine Falls is in Stokes State Forest, which is a beautiful area in northwest New Jersey. The waterfall seems very isolated, though there is a village nearby. It was amazingly quiet, though, and I didn’t see anyone else nearby.

The waterfall was narrow, and had multiple different pieces, though none of them were that large. I chose to include the picture below since it was the most scenic/photogenic of all of the pieces, though there are other equally interesting parts. It’s just fun to explore the area to find the various falls. The waterfall is also nearby the much larger Buttermilk Falls and Silver Spray Falls.


  1. From Walpack Flatbrook Road (aka Sussex County Road 615), head toward Walpack Center.
  2. Turn onto Tillman Road. Go about 0.6 miles.
  3. The road then branches off in three directions. Continue going straight. Do not turn left or right!
  4. Go about 0.6 miles further to a parking area for Stokes State Forest, which will be on your right. Park here.
  5. From the parking area, walk down the hill toward the creek to the falls.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 10′ (for this portion)
Length of Hike: 1 mile round-trip

Tillman Ravine Falls in May 2009

Where in the World is Tillman Ravine Falls?


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