Miners Falls, Michigan

Miners Falls in early May

Miners Falls is definitely one of my favorite waterfall in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which is one of my favorite places to visit. I visit the park annually, and have visited the falls numerous times. While the falls are only about 40′ tall or so, Miners Falls seems larger. Maybe it’s the considerable amount of water that is usually flowing over the falls. Whenever I’ve visited, I have not been disappointed.

The extremely enjoyable hike to the falls leads to two different overlooks, with one of the overlooks leading to the much better view. The official trail ends at the overlook, though I have noticed a footpath leading down to the base of the falls. I’ve never tried it, though. (In 2013, I did try it, and it wasn’t extremely difficult, though not many pictures came out well.) The first time I visited, it was surprisingly chilly and I was without a coat, so I didn’t even try. The second time, it had rained the whole weekend, and so the trial was likely very slippery, which can be dangerous. Miners Falls produces a considerable amount of spray, which you’ll experience even at the overlook, which is a few hundred yards away from the falls.


  1. From Munising, head east on Alger County Road H-58.
  2. Turn left on Miners Castle Road, which is very clearly signed as leading toward Miners Beach and Miners Falls.
  3. Head down about 3 miles, where you’ll turn right onto the dirt road heading toward Miners Falls. The sign for the falls on the road isn’t the largest, so pay close attention.
  4. Head to the end of the road to the parking lot, where the short 0.5 mile one-way trail to the falls starts.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 40′
Length of Hike: 1 mile round-trip

Miners Falls in October at the beginning of the fall colors season.

Where in the World is Miners Falls?


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