Unnamed Pond Run Falls, Pennsylvania

The hidden waterfall on Pond Run in Bushkill Falls Park (May 2009)

I have very quickly discovered that we are sometimes very inconsistent in our waterfall reporting.  Sometimes, waterfalls just seem too small to be of interest, especially when there are larger falls nearby.  Other times, the views are just particularly poor (or even non-existent).  The product of this inconsistency is that there are often interesting waterfalls that we just don’t advertise.

Inside the Bushkill Falls Park in the Delaware Water Gap region, there are many major falls.  Along Pond Run, there are a number of interesting falls.  One that hasn’t been named or advertised, though, is this specific waterfall.  I’m guessing that this is simply because trees block getting a very good view of the falls.  Now, I’m not for going and tearing trees down just to get a better view, and I’m not suggesting we should.  But why does this waterfall not get a better viewpoint.  I think it’s very intriguing to ask why this waterfall doesn’t even get recognition while others that were clearly smaller in the park did.

1) You can access the Bushkill Falls park from US-209 in Pennsylvania.
2) From US-209, turn onto Bushkill Falls Road near the town of Bushkill.
3) From there, head down that road to the sign for the entrance to the park.
4) Park in the parking lot. The park opens at different times depending on the season, but it is best to arrive as early as possible. It is a very popular attraction.
5) From there, pay the $10 entrance fee, making sure to get a brochure with map. This unnamed waterfall is found above the Bridesmaid and Bridalveil Falls.

Accessibility: 8/10

Where in the World is Unnamed Pond Run Falls?: map


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