Upper Dukes Creek Falls, Georgia

When I visited northern Georgia in May 2012 searching for more waterfalls, I stopped at the Dukes Creek Falls Recreation Area in the Chattahoochee National Forest. The main attraction is clearly Dukes Creek Falls. Dukes Creek Falls is not found along Dukes Creek, but instead Davis Creek (confusing, isn’t it?). Dukes Creek Falls is found at the confluence of Davis Creek and Duke Creek.

As you’re hiking to Dukes Creek Falls, you will often be hiking alongside Dukes Creek. I noticed about a third of the way along the trail (maybe a little bit more) that I could hear water flowing nearby. Often, this is just some small cascade or rapid, but in this case there was a larger fall to be found. I would guess the falls were about 10′ tall or so. It is not particularly easy to get to these falls, but it is also nowhere near impossible. There is no official trail to the falls. You’re just very quickly heading down a moderately steep hill. There are trees and roots that planted themselves strategically to make your journey less difficult. In the end, you’re rewarded with a falls that pretty and isolated.


  1. From Cleveland, Georgia, head northwest along GA-11.
  2. After some distance turn right on GA-75.
  3. Again, some distance later, turn left on GA-348. (I seem to remember this turn coming rather abruptly.)
  4. Drive two miles to the parking area for Dukes Creek Falls Recreation Area. A National Forest pass will be required, which carries a daily cost.
  5. Follow the trail to Dukes Falls.
Accessibility: 4/10 (moderate/strenuous)
Height: 10′
Length of Hike: 2.2 miles round-trip

Upper Dukes Creek Falls in May 2012

Where in the World is Upper Dukes Creek Falls?


2 thoughts on “Upper Dukes Creek Falls, Georgia

  1. Just wanted to make a clarification on the description.

    You are correct in that the large cascade directly across from the Dukes Creek Falls observation deck is on Davis Creek and not Dukes Creek. However, the falls at the end of the deck ARE in fact on Dukes Creek… this is not Dodds Creek. Dodds Creek begins at Raven Cliff Falls and ends when it flows into Dukes Creek near the Raven Cliff Falls parking area. There is not a confluence of Davis Creek and Dodd Creek… Davis Creek Flows into Dukes Creek. Dukes Creek is actually formed about a half mile north of Hwy 348 at the confluence of Bear Den Creek and Little Low Gap Branch.

    Thanks for your description of the falls. Just visited all of the falls in this beautiful area today.

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