Dukes Creek Falls, Georgia

The portion of Dukes Creek Falls that is on Davis Creek (May 2012)

As I am sitting here, I am trying to decide how to put this post together. No waterfall in recent memory could be more convoluted to explain as Dukes Creek Falls. In a recent post, Upper Dukes Creek Falls, I initially identified these falls as being partially located on Dodd Creek. Dodd Creek is nearby, but the falls are not located on Dodd Creek. (I based this information on another site, which is also not correct.) Instead Dukes Creek Falls is located on Davis Creek Falls, at least a portion of it. Another portion of the falls is actually located on Dukes Creek. It’s just confusing. I’m just going to assume that the all of the portions below refer to Dukes Creek Falls.

The portion of Dukes Creek Falls found on Davis Creek (as the two creeks are about to meet) is just plain frustrating. Much of it is hidden behind trees, and there’s really no clear way to nicely photograph the falls. This portion of the falls is rather tall, but gosh darn if you’re going to get a good shot! This might be better when the trees haven’t bloomed, but there’s still a lot of clutter in front of the falls.

The confluence of Davis and Dukes Creeks

The portion of the falls where Dukes Creek and Davis Creek meet are more interesting, since you can actually get a better view. You’re actually standing directly in front of them.  This portion of the falls isn’t particularly tall, though.

If you look upstream on what is Dukes Creek (to the right), you’ll see one other drop. I wasn’t sure whether to list this as a separate falls, but just decided to make it easier. You can see all of these falls along the same short part of the trail. This is also not very tall, though it is somewhat wider.

The total hike to the falls is about 2.2 miles round trip. It isn’t difficult, maybe moderate at most. It is consistently downhill on the way there, and therefore uphill on the way back. The trail is very well kept, and the final stretch to the falls includes stairs and a boardwalk.


  1. From Cleveland, Georgia, head northwest along GA-11.
  2. After some distance turn right on GA-75.
  3. Again, some distance later, turn left on GA-348. (I seem to remember this turn coming rather abruptly.)
  4. Drive two miles to the parking area for Dukes Creek Falls Recreation Area. A National Forest pass will be required, which carries a daily cost.
  5. Follow the trail to Dukes Falls.
Accessibility: 4/10 (moderate/difficult)
Height: 250′
Length of Hike: 2.2 miles round-trip

The portion of the falls that is actually on Dukes Creek!

Where in the World is Dukes Creek Falls?


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