Vermillion Falls, Minnesota

Vermillion Falls in October 2011

If I remember correctly, I visited Vermillion Falls after visiting a waterfall in Nerstrand-Big Woods State Park, which is further south in Minnesota. The waterfall is centrally located in Hastings, Minnesota, which is east of Minneapolis/St. Paul (near the border with Wisconsin).

For some reason, I remember it taking a little while to find the falls. I think it had to do with confusing directions and GPS issues. Once you find the parking area, it’s a very short walk to the falls. The falls are not particularly easy to view. At the normal viewpoint, it is rather complicated to get the whole falls. I have seen pictures of the falls from other viewpoints near the base, but I couldn’t see any path to the base. The falls were flowing well in October, though. The same thing couldn’t be said for some of the other waterfalls in Minnesota at that time, so Vermillion Falls is a good choice for a year-round waterfall (at least when it’s not snowing!).


  1. There are multiple different ways to enter Hastings. Headed east from Minneapolis, 160th Street E is a good option. If heading north toward Hastings, US-61 is ideal. US-61 also heads southeast into Hastings from St. Paul.
  2. The parking area is on 21st Street E. This road is just south of the intersection of 160th Street E (also known as Vermillion Street) and US-61. If headed north along US-61 into Hastings, 21st Street E will be on the right. If coming from 160th Street E, you’ll turn right, and then almost instantly turn left.
  3. The parking area is for Vermillion Falls Park.
  4. Walk to the falls!

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 35′
Length of Hike: 0.1 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Vermillion Falls?


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