Folaldafoss, Iceland

Iceland has no lack of waterfalls.  Before I started my journey around Iceland, I prepared a pretty extensive list of waterfalls that should be relatively easy to visit.  Many of them are found directly off the Ring Road, or very close by.  So it might be pure luck that I found this next waterfall, Folaldafoss.

Most of the Ring Road around Iceland is paved, but there are a few still unpaved stretches remaining.  There’s are a few points where it is completely unavoidable.  You will be on unpaved road, whether you like it or not. South of Egilsstaðir, you’re faced with this choice.  Either take the unpaved Ring Road, or take (mostly) unpaved route 939.  It ends up that Route 939 is a shorter drive than the Ring Road, since the Ring Road hugs the Atlantic coastline.  Route 939 is steep and winding as you’re heading south.  There are one or two waterfalls or cascades along the way (Hænubrekkufoss is tall, but a bit further away and harder to pull of for), but nothing as exciting to write home about.  And then, out of the corner of your eye, you might notice this much more impressive waterfall.  It isn’t advertised very well in guidebooks or even on the internet.

I pull into what is a parking area for visitors to the falls.  I am the only one there.  This isn’t shocking, since it seems somewhat remote.  But wow, this is a truly impressive waterfall.  It’s not the tallest, nor is it the widest in Iceland.  If you can find the right viewpoint, though, it really does capture the spectacular Icelandic scenery.  I am suddenly extremely happy that I’ve endured this winding, curvy, steep dirt road.  I’ve been rewarded with a lesser known waterfall.  There’s no name to the falls, though there is a historical sign.  It’s not until later that I discover it is known as Folaldafoss.


  1. This is much easier to find that one might expect.  If you’re headed along the Ring Road, you may end up deciding to take Route 939 anyway, as you have two unpaved options ahead.  It is north of Höfn, but south of Egilsstaðir.
  2. The junction of the Ring Road and Route 939 shouldn’t be that difficult to find.  If you are headed from Höfn, it would be a left turn onto 939 heading generally north.  It’s really only about 2 miles or so from the junction.  (If you’re headed from Egilsstaðir, you’ve got a longer journey before you find the falls.)  The parking would be on the left if headed north.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy, the falls can be seen from the road)
Height: 54′
Length of Hike: negligible, though you can hike to get closer

Folaldafoss in June 2012

Where in the World is Folaldafoss?


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