Cedar Creek Falls, Kansas

It’s hard to say how many waterfalls in Kansas are truly natural. Many of them seem to be formed by dams, and so the question goes…”Did this exist before somebody altered the landscape?” In the case of Cedar Creek Falls, I’m pretty sure humans had some say in how the water flows, so I’m not sure whether it’s “natural.” It still looks more like a waterfall than some of the other falls I’ve seen on websites.

Cedar Creek Falls is in the same vicinity as Cedar Lake Falls, and are somewhat related. Cedar Creek starts at Cedar Lake and flows into Lake Olathe. This particular waterfall is only 4 or 5′ tall, and isn’t extremely exciting. If you’re looking for Kansas waterfalls, though, it is easy to visit, and isn’t very far from Kansas City. It also isn’t difficult to find, though it can be difficult to park near the falls. There is a pullout, but it has space for 1.5 cars! There was another car there, so I parked as far off the road as I could. Luckily, the lane was very wide, so I had some breathing room.


  1. From I-35/US-50, take exit 217 and continue west along E Old 56 Highway.
  2. Continue straight along this road, which will turn into KS-7.
  3. KS-7 starts heading north. Turn right, continuing on KS-7 (also known as S Parker Street) for a very short distance.
  4. By short, I mean short. Almost immediately after turning right, turn left onto W 143rd Street.
  5. Continue along W 143rd Street (aka W Dennis Ave) for what might be a mile or so…Pay attention closely. When you see S Wardcliff Drive on your right (with a sign indicating Lake Olathe), the falls will be almost directly on the other side of the road (on the left). You’ll see a smaller gravel “parking area”, an old building, and the creek. It’s pretty easy to turn around on the side-roads. (If you come to S Palmer Drive, you’ve gone too far. Turn around, and the falls will now be to your right.)

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 5′
Length of Hike: roadside

Cedar Creek Falls in mid-April 2014

Where in the World is Cedar Creek Falls?


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